U Fragnu, olive oil in all its forms

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U Fragnu, olive oil in all its forms

A warm welcome awaits you in the village of Lunghignano at this atypical establishment of the Balanine region, which offers an invitation to discover and taste olive oils and handmade products.

Though entirely renovated, the mill has managed to keep its authenticity, as the wheel is still pulled by Georges, the establishment's donkey. A true ambassador, Georges only works at harvest, two-and-a-half months every two years.

U Fragnu means "press", and it is a genuine piece of the Balagne cultural heritage as it showcases a millstone, three presses and a sedimentation tank. Its interior layout allows for the making of traditional olive oil, as well as tastings of various oils from different regions and producers. There's a short film that you can watch while you are tasting, too, that shows what goes on during pressing, which is useful as this often happens outside of the tourist season.
In addition to the olive farm, the owners have decided to open the rest of the property to visitors, including every nook and cranny of the magnificent press house.

U Fragnu
20214 Lunghignano

+33 (0)6 86 56 18 75