Seike: a paradise for vegetarians

Seike: a paradise for vegetarians

Traditional yet very unusual, this Kyoto restaurant showcases ‘yuba', the film that forms on the surface of soymilk when it boils.

At first glance, you might think that eating milk skin throughout a meal does not sound very appetising. Well you are wrong. Sitting comfortably at this traditional Japanese kaiseki (gastronomic restaurant), get ready to discover a unique experience. At an agreed rate, with the full attention of your host, a cold glass of sake in hand, many small dishes whose main ingredient is yuba follow one upon the other: first comes Kumiage yuba, a fine crumbled yuba with wasabi, then a soup with seasonal vegetables and yuba.

An assortment of yuba sushi (hassun) and yuba sashimi soaked in soy sauce completes the beginning of this surprising meal. Your host will then serve you Yuba steak as thin as wagyu beef—accompanied by soy sauce and sesame sauce—then the original Miyama Tsuzumi Takiawase, before moving on to yuba shabu, a kind of Japanese fondue in which… yuba is dipped. Lastly comes the famous soymilk cake. This experience will for sure be a source of anecdotes and fond memories when you get back home!

Kyoto Yuba Seike (Nishijin)
234 Yakushicho, Omiyadori, Imadegawasagaru, Kamigyoku.
Kyoto Prefecture 602-8442

+81 (0)7 5468 8487

Menu: around 5,000 JPY