Scimia Calvese, where Icarus' heart is set alight

treetop adventure course
Scimia Calvese, where Icarus' heart is set alight

Among Calvi's large tall pine trees, small and enthusiastic figures walk in the sky and throw themselves in thin air. Welcome to the A Scimia Calvese path!

Founded in 1993 by Olivier and Stéphane Leonetti, the Altore school is specialized in teaching and supervising outdoor sports. It is near Calvi's beach that a treetop adventure course spreads around the pine forest. A Scimia Calvese consists in dozens of workshops and zip-lines to allow you to explore the landscape without ever setting foot on dry land.

Equipped and trained by professionals, you may be tempted by the most adventurous trails, usually used by the most daring athletes. From introduction to complete autonomy, Calvi's aerial strolls bring families and friends together for a truly enjoyable moment, lulled by the lapping of the Mediterranean. The secured course will strip you out of your fears as you set forth over 100m high in the air. Warm winds blow through your hair as the Balagne region welcomes you with rolling open arms.

A Scimia Calvese
Calvi's pine forest (casino entrance)
20260 Calvi

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