Mama Oliech, the hidden table

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Mama Oliech, the hidden table

An off-the-beaten-path spot, highly sought after by regulars and fish lovers alike.

Located in Kilimani, a stylish neighbourhood about 15 minutes from downtown Nairobi and not far from the Yaya Shopping Center, Mama Oliech has built a solid reputation for simple goodness at affordable prices, all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Like Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, many rush to get a spot at the large wooden tables protected from the sun by large awnings.
On the menu, choose the fried tilapia, a fish from Lake Nakuru, served whole with succulent side dishes: ugali, the traditional staple food of East Africa, made with flour cooked in water, or kachumbari, a spicy salad typical of Kenyan cuisine that is made with tomatoes and onions. At Mama Oliech, you will meet many office workers, but also visitors for the day, irresistibly attracted by the scent of this generous and authentic cuisine.

Mama Oliech Restaurant
Marcus Garvey Road

+254 723 925604

Menu: around 1,100 KES