Kobe, its port, its architecture, and its gastronomy

Kobe, its port, its architecture, and its gastronomy

Located less than an hour by train from Osaka, Kobe is famous for its cuisine, but not only for that: its growing business sector also attracts many investors.

With more than 1.5 million inhabitants, Kobe is a city perpetually on the move. In addition to the famous ‘Kobe beef'—which is said to be massaged with sake and beer to give it its exquisite taste—it is known for its port, one of the largest on the archipelago. It is also a city where modern buildings rival one another for originality. Among them are the Kobe Port Tower, the Maritime Museum, and the luxury boutiques of downtown.

This vibrant city also has a passion for culture in all its forms, and it hosts many exhibitions throughout the year as well as a contemporary art biennial. In the evening, Kobe puts on its finery and lights up with red and green through its thousands of multi-coloured neon signs in the lively Motomachi and Nankinmachi quarters, the local ‘Chinatown'. But this capital of the prefecture of Hyogo also offers its share of nature and romance. Within minutes by cable car, you can each Mount Rokko and its green pastures trampled by sheep. The place is idyllic in summer… and the view of the bay magnificent.