A dream cruise in Ha Long Bay

A dream cruise in Ha Long Bay

The sails of junks and sampans gliding slowly on the water add to the splendour of this world heritage bay.

As the story goes, the small islands and eroded limestone peaks in the bay were formed from fragments of jade and gems that sprung from the water when a dragon plunged into it. In this wide cove, a treasure trove of more than 3,000 mostly uninhabited limestone islets punctuate the surface of the indigo sea.

Strangely shaped rock sculptures and caves carved into cliffs transport you into a magical world where time has stopped. The strange and fantastic forms of these rocky peaks are worth taking the time to visit. A cruise of several days will take you to the bay's lagoons and pristine beaches. Stretching out over 1,500 square kilometres, it takes you far from traditional tourist haunts. Whether on a deluxe junk or a less expensive seafaring craft, embark on a cruise through this dream setting for a unique journey.

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