WiFi on board

With the Air France CONNECT WiFi pass options, you can stay connected with your loved ones throughout your journey.


On aircraft equipped with WiFi, you can choose from 3 WiFi pass options to get online using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • The free Message Pass for sending instant text messages to your friends and family (WhatsApp, iMessage and WeChat).
  • The Surf Pass for browsing the Internet and checking your e-mails, either for 1 hour or for the duration of your flight.
  • The Stream Pass for browsing the Internet and watching movies and TV shows with a fast connection.

Free in-flight entertainment

The entire Air France fleet is gradually being equipped with the latest technologies in satellite connectivity.

By the end of 2020, Wi-Fi is already available on board 72% of our fleet, including all our Boeing 787s, Airbus A330s and A350s.


Enable airplane mode

Switch on your device and enable airplane mode.

Connect to the AirFranceCONNECT network

Enable WiFi on your device Select AirFranceCONNECT from the available networks.

Open the portal at connect.airfrance.com

Type the URL connect.airfrance.com using your regular Internet browser. Choose a WiFi option and activate it!
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